1 RCG = U$ 0,97


Frequently Asked Questions
RCOIN GLOBAL trading platform based on the Blockchain concept, with multiplatform wallet and a super fast cryptocurrency.
- Coin (divisible 0.00000000)
- Marketplace
- Minerable
- Smart Contract
- Quick validation
- Wallet Multiplatform
In an integrated Exchange with Global Rcoin, participating in the validation process, through Gift Card, exchanging with some friend, and selling some product or service.
We have a team of developers, designers, network engineers who collaborate and maintain the project, perform maintenance on the codes, servers and make new updates.
No. We are technology enthusiasts with a different vision for the sales market of products and services, using RCOIN GLOBAL you are helping the community grow and together we can go further reducing rates for receiving, streamlining a sale process or paying cheaper for a service. We dedicate and unite to debate and expose ideas, we are people helping other people.