1 RCG = US$ 0.64        


What's Rcoin Global?

Rcoin Global (RCG) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that allows you to carry out low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin and provides its users with an easy and secure platform to market their goods, products and services.
With security, we use SHA256 encryption the same as Bitcoin, either in transactions or in exchange for messages.

Our platform based on the Blockchain concept feeds all Rcoin services (RCG), all transactions are available for checking on Blockchain Explorer addresses. The registration system is maintained by FULL NODES and by validations by network users.

How can I acquire Rcoins?

You can acquire Rcoin (RCG) through someone who already own, offering your product or service on our platform, Gift Voucher or through the cryptocurrency Mining process.

Rcoin (RCG) will change the form of trading in the world.


Enjoy the Revolution of Global Transactions


To ensure the inclusion of the market, Tokens Rcoin Global have no pre-determined price; Instead, price is determined by market demand. The Balance of Token values are updated on the site.

Broad Distribution

The distribution of Token Rcoin Global will occur through market demand, which should allow sufficient time for the community to be confident about the project.

01 RCG =
US$ 0.64
RCG Today

Token Price Suggestion based on last gift card purchase.

The proceeds from gift card sales will be reversed to keep the platform active, services, new deployments and servers.

Join the digital revolution today


10,00 USD in RCG
50,00 USD in RCG
100,00 USD in RCG
500,00 USD in RCG


Token Distribution

Smart Contract Token

Coming soon

Following the concept of smart contract token, RRC stands for RHASH Request for Comment. The RRC defines a common list of rules for RHASH tokens to follow within the RHASH network ecosystem, allowing developers to accurately predict the interaction between tokens. These rules include how tokens are transferred between addresses and how the data within each token is accessed.
The tokens created within the RHASH network use the RCG as the Gas, even the tokens created in RRC validation accuracy as they are moved from portfolio to portfolio. Gas is the validation fee charged when a transaction occurs, a rate intended for miners to include in Blockchain.
New commercial tokens can be created and can be added to the online wallet through your contract ID.
When generating a RRC Token contract, you can define the Gas to be used in your tokens, it interferes with the validation time and inclusion in the block, the minimum Gas must respect the minimum Gas for a RCG transaction. Customize your Blockchain Explorer with links from your social network.
The RRC explorer will be identified in your contract hash and will be able to check the public record of all transactions.

Smart Contract
RRC Standard:
  • 1. Token Name
  • 2. Token Symbol
  • 3. Token Total Supply
  • 4. Token Decimal up to which the token is dividable
  • Token Name: EUROMORE
  • Token Symbol: EUM
  • Token Total Supply: 100 million
  • Token Decimal: 18

MultiSig API

Coming soon

The APIs that are available to any developer, exchange, startup integrate their project with an open RHASH network, new ones generate new portfolios, check balances and perform RCG and Smart Contract Tokens. Even the Token Contracts in the Rhash network use the APIs.

Our Multi Signature address was made with the customer having a more secure wallet.

You can download and install the official PHP library using Composer, as in the example below: Exemple:

$newAddressInfo = get_new_address
$balance = get_balance
$withdraw(array('amounts' => 'AMOUNT1,AMOUNT2,...', 'to_addresses' => 'ADDRESS1,ADDRESS2,...'));
$ // ->get_address_balance(array('type' => 'sent'));
$ // ->get_address_balance(array('type' => 'received'));

Libraries can be upgraded throughout development.

The Rcoin Global Voucher and Gift Voucher are easy and pratical ways to acquire RCG.

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