1 RCG = US$ 1.36        


Frequently Asked Questions
RCOIN GLOBAL trading platform based on the Blockchain concept, with multiplatform wallet and a super fast cryptocurrency.
  • Coin (divisible 0.00000000)
  • Marketplace
  • Minerable
  • Smart Contract
  • Quick validation
  • Wallet Multiplatform
  • Have your own Exchange and receive commissions for exchanges
  • Discount on Gift voucher resale
  • Earn commission on the sale of credits for platform.
  • In an integrated Exchange with Global Rcoin, participating in the validation process, through Gift Card, exchanging with some friend, and selling some product or service.
    We have a team of developers, designers, network engineers who collaborate and maintain the project, perform maintenance on the codes, servers and make new updates.
    No. We are technology enthusiasts with a different vision for the sales market of products and services, using RCOIN GLOBAL you are helping the community grow and together we can go further reducing rates for receiving, streamlining a sale process or paying cheaper for a service. We dedicate and unite to debate and expose ideas, we are people helping other people.
    Our team is prepared to deal with challenges and we will analyze each project as unique, through a form we will know better the partner and its demands, we will provide the API keys and a Panel where the partner programming team can consult the codes and models for integration. We believe that together we can spread the Blockchain concept.