1 RCG = US$ 1.82        


Rcoin Global is Fast, Safe and Minerable.

The process of mining or processing transaction data occurs when a community member performs a tokens transfer within the RCG network through the algorithm called RHASH developed to hinder the validation process over time, the network is balanced by automatically measuring the number of X (transactions) versus Y (network power), using specific hardware like ASIC machines, similar to those of BITCOINS.
The process is done by a specific hardware designed and adapted to the Blockchain standards, in addition to providing the necessary data and keys used in the process by RHASH.
The member must be registered in a POOL validated by RCOIN (RCG), the closing time for each block is 15 seconds, the block starts after a transaction is identified by the FULL NODE that occurs in less than 1 sec most of the time.
Our block processing technology is 30x faster than BITCOIN and as fast as ETHEREUM.
The scalability of the Token is not passive of discussion as it happens with BITCOIN. An initial total amount of 30,000,000 Thirty Million Tokens for platform use has been defined, these tokens can be purchased as reward for crowdfunding donations or for participations by validations *, over time new entries controlled by the algorithm RHASH. The platform can increase and decrease its processing capacity according to its demand following the protocol standards based on ETHASH ETHEREUM.
Fast, Safe and Minerable


Pairing with server
hybrid mode active

Port: 80 (proxy):

US-Server: CONNECTED (Dallas)
US-Server: CONNECTED (Houston)
ASIA-Server: CONNECTED (Taiwan)

US-Server: PENDING... (Montreal,Canada)
RU-Server: PENDING... (Moscow, Russia)
Port: 80, 8000 (proxy):
CN-Server: PENDING... (Shanghai/上海市)
CN-Server: PENDING... (Beijing/北京)
Only (proxy): 8008
SG-Server: PENDING... (Singapore)
AU-Server: PENDING... (Melbourne)
RU-Server: PENDING... (Moscow, Russia)
HK-Server: PENDING... (Hong Kong/香港)
BR-Server: PENDING... (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
AR-Server: PENDING... (Rosario, Argentina)