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Rcoin Global is Fast, Safe and Minerable.
The mining process or data processing of the transaction, occurs when a user member of the community performs a transfer of tokens within the RCG network, through the algorithm called RHASH developed to hinder the validation process over time, the network is balanced automatically measuring the number of X (transactions) versus Y (network power). The process occurs through hardware with RHASH algorithm and unique private keys, validations follow the pattern of querying records on explorer blockchain sites.

The member must be registered in a POOL RCOIN (RCG), the closing time for each block is 15/60 seconds, the block opens and all transactions that are open are introduced in this block that contains an increasing count, after a transaction is identified by the FULL NODE that occurs in milliseconds most of the time. About 15 workers are chosen for each new block opening who provide their key validation credentials to participate in the registration process. This record is available online to be exploited by any person or party involved in the transaction at any time and date *. The same goes for smart contracts, smart contracts and tokens that use the Rcoin Global “RCG” eco system have records that can be consulted online for free at any time.

The scalability of the token is not passive for discussion, a total amount of 60,000,000,000 units 'RCG' has been defined, the platform's native token, initial 30,000,000 thirty million units of 'RCG' tokens for use on the platform and another 30,000 .000 thirty million units of “RCG” tokens to be introduced over 20 years after the first block # 01. Through a POOL the validating member connects participating in the validation processes. The rewards for validations are fractions in “RCG”, the validating worker can also be awarded per block and receive a percentage of new 'RCG' entries. For any registration on the network, the Rcoin Global token 'RCG' is required.

Pool Mining, follows a method based on scoring, for each round of new blocks new workers are chosen (validating members) to participate in the validation process, the RHASH algorithm automatically allows the democratic consensus of workers in each record. Block awards within the registration POOL are shared between POOL and validating members. The validation pool has a relevant role as it is where the validating members connect to participate in the validations.

In the Rcoin Global network all transactions and contracts use the platform's “RCG” token, its scarcity and controlled inflation generate a demand for this token. The growing market demand over the years and the search for “usefulness” in the platform's available services will generate a growing search for the token, the end of which is to create new tokens, generate contracts and make registrations, the “RCG” token is necessary. Tokens can be acquired in return for donations, crowdfunding, free exchanges by users or in participations for validations *, over time new entries controlled by the RHASH algorithm will be introduced. The platform can increase and decrease its processing capacity according to its demand following the standards of the protocol.

Rcoin Global has an integration API that can be easily integrated into a system or application, this helps new projects and ideas to evolve and expand. Our block processing technology allows us to speed up transactions and smart contracts. Let's be part of this evolution together.

Rcoin Global the best choice!

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