1 RCG = US$ 1.36        


These brand and copy guidelines demonstrate the correct way for partners and organizations to apply the Rcoin Global brand. Keeping the Rcoin Global brand and naming conventions consistent across all platforms, results in greater clarity, trust, and usage of rcoins.

Official Logo Use

Rcoin Global Symbol

Rcoin Global symbol represents rcoins in the digital form of a digital currency. The symbol must always be displayed alone on a white background only.

Rcoin Global Logo

The Rcoin Global logo must always remain in tact with the symbol on the left. The logo can’t be chopped, the symbol moved above, or the text displayed alone. The logo must only be displayed on a white background.


When displayed on a non-white background the Rcoin Global logo must always be in Purple tones or reversed as white. When displayed in image the Rcoin Global logo must always be in reversed as white.

Official Naming Conventions

Rcoin Global Represents the company Rcoin Global.
Rcoin(s) Global A single unit (or multiple units) of asset backed digital currency issued by Rcoin Global.
Rcoin.global Refers to the Rcoin Global's Plataform.
RCG Code for the Rcoin Global token.

Intro Logo Rcoin Global

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